Hurricane Katrina: Plea for help revealed by satellite imagery

I hope that the right people already know about this particular message for help:

Satellite imagery of hurricane Katrina damage, and a plea for help

This message was noticed three days ago by Scott Stanfield, on the latest NOAA imagery released on the web on September 1, and posted by Jeff Atwood in his blog.

And the eerie thing is, we were just randomly clicking on the newly available satellite maps, trying to find some of the more remote towns on the Gulf. We found this image on the first click.

With all the attention centered on New Orleans, just think of the hundreds of thousands outside the media's focus lacking potable water. Consider you need 1 gallon of water minimum per day to survive; possibly more in high temperatures and humidity. Tragic. 

The exact map location seems to be here.


(update: adding a comment from Scott Stanfield)

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  1. Hurricane! says:

    Click through for more on this plea….

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