Nature, the beautiful nature, can be bad

Reuven told me about what happened in New Orleans. I browse the dramatic news and I feel an unexplained sense of guilt. Guilt because I am not one of the hundreds of thousands of people affected. That I will never understand how will this affect their lives forever.

I hope that people will get over. Nature is bad, but human nature is strong. And now, more than in any other time, an open heart to all in suffering will make all the difference...


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  1. shaunbed says:

    For me, it is hard to imagine the devestation.

    I don’t feel guilt but I feel that we do need a plan and direction on how to deal with this.

    This is an unpresidented distaster and I am not sure we can take the view that everything comes out of an invisible relief fund and taxpayers don’t pay to help these people. I would almost encourage higher taxes to help people over there rebuild their lives.

    I also feel that the U.S. government needs a lot of human capital to help with the rebuilding. Usually, this is the army. Unfortunately, most of the army is in Iraq and I am not sure that we can just move them out. The government may have to hire a lot of people in some form or other to aid in the rebuilding efforts.

    It is also important to make sure that when we rebuild, things are rebuilt correctly. We want to rebuild in such a manner as to attempt to prevent or mitigate a similar tragedy in the future.

    Shaun Bedingfield

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