We Want Posts in Brett’s Blog!

In my regular visit to Brett's blog (I don't want to miss any new posts!) I noticed the following disclaimer:


This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. A full disclaimer here.

Huh? Brett, what post are you reffering to? Not to mention the ironical "News" category...

This is too much to bear. Let's start a campaign to bring posts in Brett's blog. Anyone with me? I'm thinking to a large TV ad campaign (I mention this just because right now I am in a middle of an internal thread at MS where - guess what - I ended up a supporter for TV-based ads!). Stickers everywhere would also help, and I need a skilled artist to volunteer. I'm not dreaming yet of a bloggeer march, but... maybe... ? I'll take care about the leaflets, placards, supporter forms, etc. And, of course, we will all create a group blog where we can all share our pain of not seeing anything on Brett's blog...


P.s. If you don't know, without any posts, Brett's blog has already managed to have a tumultous history, as Eric pointed recently here and here.

Comments (1)

  1. Yes, it is true — everybody picks on Brett. Adi has even gotten into it now….

    In some ways it seems…

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