Bloggers, and the maximum coolness threshold

Statistics are fun to watch, as long as you don't take them seriously. For example, while reading some blogs, I was just realized something funny about blogging quality: a blogger can only blog a fixed quantity of interesting things in a given period of time. To elaborate this highly scientific observation (ahem...), here is a graph illustrating the coolness bandwidth limit:

(Disclaimer: the numbers are invented however, in a classical example of How to lie with Statistics)

Of course, the first consequence is that if you divide the "interesting stuff/day" value by the "posts per day", you get a number indicating how much interesting stuff you have per post. Which is, in other words, the quality of each post.

We therefore notice that if you blog, say, once in a while then the quality of posts remains constant if you keep the blogging frequency low. As soon as you increase the blogging frequency, the quality will remain constant for a while, then it will irremediably decrease.

Now, since the direct number of readers (and therefore the blog statistics) are directly correlated with the average posting quality, it is important to isolate the optimal blogging policy. The tipping point is when the quality starts decreasing - you don't want to post less since you will hurt your statistics, but not more because readers won't like you. This is what I would call the maximum coolness threshold of a blogger. This would be around 4-5 posts per day in the example above.

P.S. Hmm... one thing is clear. I am personally way below my quota - given that I pay incidental attention to my blog...

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