IE7… feels different

I like IE7. A few days ago, being too brave maybe as usual, I decided to instal it on my dev box and in a few days I succeeded to develop dangerous addictions for several things. First, on tabbed browsing (pretty fast given that each IE window is a separate process - and opening a new tab is instantaneous). Second, I started to use Integrated search more and more.

I can't explain why I become addicted now on these features. After all, they were present in the MSN toolbar also. But I guess the speed matters. When a new tab opens in 0.1 seconds (as opposed in 0.8 seconds) then you get a different "feeling" on how things work.

Anyway - one thing is sure. I can't go back to IE6... 🙂


Comments (6)

  1. lexp says:

    that each IE window is a separate process – and opening a new tab is instantaneous)

    When you create a tab, IE7 doesn’t create new process.

  2. Binarycloud says:

    Yep, maybe you should try Maxthon for IE( it has tabs and mouse gestures and integrated searching… Can’t live without it 😉

  3. Andre says:

    I’m using FireFox and more than happy.

  4. Jason says:

    Andre, how nice for you. Did anyone here ask for your prefered browser?

  5. Paul says:

    To Jason:

    Yes, he should have said why, but Deer Park nightlies blow IE7 out of the water.

    Adi is just being a shill with his chosen features to please his managers and shareholders. Lets face it, everyone in this industry, and especially at M$FT knows that these features have been in Maxthon/Opera/Safari/Deepnet and a certain other browser family since forever.

  6. Magus says:

    Yes, it couldn’t possibly be that he actually likes the product. It’s clearly cheap marketing. Sheesh, don’t people have better things to do than troll on blogs?

    Binarycloud: Maxthon is pretty nice; the IE blog has praised it a few times, and before IE7, I swore by it. Still has advantages, but then again, IE7 is an early beta targeting platform developers.

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