Water cooling technology for server racks

Dissipating the heat in a rack full of servers can be a real problem given the extreme power consumption. IBM introduces a new technology that attempts to fix this problem:

Officially called the IBM eServer Rear Door Heat eXchanger, Cool Blue is filled with sealed tubes that circulate chilled water, removing what IBM claims is up to 50,000 BTU of heat from a full server rack on any brand server. There are no moving or electrical parts and units are mounted with standard fittings and couplings.


An updated eServer Cluster 1350 system will be outfitted with Cool Blue, but units are also available for purchase separate from the server. The cost added to the Cluster 1350 is dependent on the configuration.

The IBM eServer Heat eXchanger has an estimated retail price of $4,299 USD.

Cool!   🙂

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