Seagate adopts perpendicular recording technology for harddisks

Another storm in the harddisk industry is coming. Hitachi announced its commitment a few months ago. And now, Seagate quickly follows...

The new products are expected to ship starting this summer. Seagate is preparing to convert between 70 percent and 80 percent of its products to the new perpendicular technology by next year. The company recently saw its revenue from non-PC hard drives jump from just over 4 percent last March to 14 percent this year.

Dexheimer added that the cost per gigabyte should continue to drop with the new disc drive technology. A 400GB device that costs about 75 cents per gigabyte is expected to drop to about 65 cents per gigabyte for the upcoming 500GB hard drive.

So, everyone is adopting perpendicular recording these days. Combined with other technological advances, perpendicular recording is apparently estimated to allow up to 1.5 terabytes of data ona 2.5-inch harddisk.

[source: ZDNet]

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