Virtual Earth – on Channel 9!

I like Google Maps, and I like Virtual Earth even more 🙂

Steve Lombardi, Cody Ebberson and others are talking about Virtual Earth on Channel 9: 


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool. Yet another example of an amazing application that Microsoft has kept in the basement for years (TerraServer, anyone?!)

    I wonder how long it’s going to take before Microsoft reinvents the next big thing that happened a while ago. What might follow after the MSN Search, MSN Spaces, Virtual Earth suite? Oh, I know, wait for the competition to launch something interesting, let them get months or even years ahead and the take a look at them!

  2. troll says:

    Yes that demo was awesome. It was mentioned how difficult it was to get those images map seamlessly etc. What wasn’t mentioned though is that if you plan to have that service on the same level (satellite and aerial photos) on the global scale, it’s not hard to imagine that MS legal has to be a lot smarter than what they seem to be with the EU & monopoly case. And dig those pockets very deep! Or be really smart and have those other countries wanting the service to work in their country.

    Unfortunately given MS performance with the EU for example does not give much hope for us europeans that this service would ever work here.

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