Is the Open Source community too religious?

Lately, I've seen more and more fanatical reactions from Linux advocates.

"There's an extremist fringe of Linux loonies who hang out on forums and are disrespectful and threatening because you disagree with them," DiDio told ZDNet UK on Wednesday. "That can hurt the Linux community."

DiDio feels she has been unfairly criticised on open source forums, including being nicknamed DiDiot, and has even had Linux advocates contacting her at home. "I've had these nut jobs calling me at 11 o'clock at night," said DiDio.

The reactionary nature of much of the open source community is something that DiDio claims is unique in the software industry.

"I've lived through the Unix wars — none of them reacted in this way," said DiDio. "It's just software. This has got way out of proportion."

Hmmm... 🙂 is this a sign that they ran out of arguments?

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  1. Linux and open source does have its zealots, but in many cases, they can be seen as a replacement for advertising that traditional groups do. Microsoft has its zealots as well. Those are the people who constantly justify Microsoft doing things plain wrong such as many (lacking) features of Internet Explorer because it lets them keep backwards-compatibility.

    When I was doing volunteer work as a Tech Evangelist for Mozilla, there was definitely a fair share of confusion over what the group does most likely because of the zealous open source advocates.

    However, as a question, would you say the zealots are coming from the open source or free software perspectives? Because the free software concept is harder to understand or accept for software managers, I’d imagine most of the zealots are from that philosophy. I even see Stallman as being a bit zealous at times.

  2. Jeff Parker says:

    I think I have said this before and maybe even in your blog, but yes these guys are hurting Linux more than helping. Now I have been in computers for years, used old SCO Unix for years, ran Vax Systems, been on and written code on an old Apple 2, I became a windows fan just for the ease of use the knowledge base is broader.

    Anyway I remember very distinctly when Linux started appearing and the zealots were out there preaching Linux is the way. So I figured what the heck might as well give it a try see what all the hype is about. I have change operating systems before, maybe it has it’s uses after all I still have HP UX running at work, a Unix server I keep around for send mail and so on, it has it’s uses. If anything Linux might be better than Unix.

    So I download it have trouble getting it to install, driver issues and such. So I go out to the web and find Linux forums and post my question to a couple of them. Now yeah I am a new user to Linux but in computer terms I have 20 years on most of the Linux Zeolots I am not stupid I just want to know some issues with some drivers so I can even get it to run, has anyone else ran into it do they have a quick fix. I get back a bunch of replies like, “well read the code dude, build your own driver” which was actually the nicest reply I got back. The second nicest was “Newb, recompile it again you screwed it up” the rest would just clutter up your blog. Now it would be nice if they could tell me what compiler options I should specifically use. Anyway I was just trying to get Linux up and running to see if I liked it then I would take the investment of the hours combing through the code as the documentation is next to null. So the whole Linux community themselves turned me off to Linux. I just reformatted that machine and installed the same Windows version it came with. Since then Linux cost of spending hours going through code trying to figure it out just isn’t worth it. Since them .net came out and have been a happy camper ever since.

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