Psychology trick: See yourself as an outsider

An interesting study in presents a different approach to regular psychological roadblocks: view (and judge) yourself as an outsider. Here is the abstract:

When people feel they’ve hit a roadblock in reaching a personal goal, such as losing weight, a change in perspective may give them the help they need to move forward, a new study suggests.
The research found that picturing memories from a third-person perspective – as if looking at one’s past self in a movie – can lead people to perceive more personal change in their lives. Picturing the past in first-person, through their own eyes, doesn’t always allow people to see how they’ve changed.

Read the whole article, though.

I used this trick in the past. Rarely, I experience some sort of psychological deadlock, which is easy to overcome in a few seconds if I picture myself as an outsider. For example, a strange episode I remember happened when I was in high school. I remember myself staring in frustration at my hand, with a wish to move it above, but I just couldn't do it. The sensation is hard to explain, but easy to understand if you experienced it once.

Allright - I'm done my quota in ramblings just in time for today 🙂


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