Is there anybody else using Visual C++ 6.0?

Andy Pennell noted a really interesting post from a Mozilla Firefox developer. It looks like people out there are still using Visual C++ 6.0 as the debugger of choice. And, guess what, I also use Visual C++ 6.0 occasionally, but not for debugging (I switched long ago to the geeky, powerful, superfast command-line debugger called NTSD). I use VC6 these days as a tool to generate a COM server whenever I quickly need one.

In my view, Visual C++ 6.0 is still the perfect tool to generate a COM server, especially if you plan to run it on older versions of Windows like XP or Windows 2000 (which already contain the right runtimes in the OS). True, VC6 doesn't have that sexy COM attributed programming, which means that the generated code is sometimes more verbose. But I guess the main reason for not using the newer ATL is that I haven't seen yet an newer edition of ATL Internals...

But on the other side, I am now pretty familiar with ATL 3.0 version of atlbase.h and atlcom.h. If I can generate in 5 minutes a new COM server that does exactly what I want, I guess that's all I need for now 🙂


P.S. For editing, depending on the project, I use either Source Insight or Visual Studio 2003. Recently I started to switch to Visual Studio 2005, which is pretty interesting...

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  1. Jerry Pisk says:

    I still use VS6 to do most of my work. But I don’t use its debugger either, I use WinDbg connected remotely to cdb running on the server or client machine. GUI is not the best way of working remotely.

    And I use it to edit my Asp.Net files as well, since its not as annoying and intrusive as VS.Net versions are.

  2. Every time I email Chris Sells to ask him where the 2nd Edition of ATL Internals is, he says that it’s still being worked on.

    And has been supposedly due to be released since 2003.

  3. Random Reader says:

    "… older versions of Windows like XP …"

    So what do YOU use on the desktop? 😉

  4. Adi Oltean says:

    >> "… older versions of Windows like XP …"

    >>> So what do YOU use on the desktop? 😉

    Good correction 🙂

    I still use Windows XP (at home)…

  5. Yes, use VS6 a lot, have VS.NET and VS.NET 2003 available, but use VS6 as environment of choice. Quick, does the job, is straightforward, and is not a resource hog. Goodness, just loading the help file on F1 in VS.NET 2003 gives an opportunity to take a 2-minute coffee break.

  6. Mike Dunn says:

    True, VC6 doesn’t have that sexy COM attributed programming

    Does anybody use attributed ATL? I’ve literally never gotten it to do the simplest thing like use an RGS file, and a few other bright devs I know haven’t had any better luck with it either.

  7. Twain says:

    Gee, I thought I was the last person on the planet to still be using ATL. It’s nice to know there is still interest out there. What do we need to do to interest Chris Sells and company to update their ATL Internals book with a new release?? I thought everyone had moved on to .NET technologies…

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