Where are all my iPods?

Leander Kahney publishes an interesting discovery:

"About 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a portable music player have an iPod," said one source, a high-level manager who asked to remain anonymous. "It's pretty staggering."

The source estimated 80 percent of Microsoft employees have a music player -- that translates to 16,000 iPod users among the 25,000 who work at or near Microsoft's corporate campus. "This irks the management team no end," said the source.

Well, let's see. We are about 250 people in our team. Now, following the impecable line of logic highlighted above, our group must have in total 0.8 * 250 = 200 iPods. But I don't see anybody else having any. So, logically, I must be the one who has them all. I just can't remember where I put them...

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  1. Scott says:

    The key to that statistic is the "who have a portable music player" part. Unless of course everyone on your team has a portable music player. Hmm, so does this mean that Microsoft is working on an ipod killer???

  2. CN says:

    Shouldn’t that be 160 IPods? Or does everyone on the team have a portable digital music player of some sort?

    Anyway, I guess you must be happy with all 160 of them. What generation are they? Any minis? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Adi Oltean says:

    >> Shouldn’t that be 160 IPods?


    No: 250 * 0.8 = 200, not 160. The numbers in the article are wrong too: 80% from 25,000 is 20,000.

  4. p says:

    No: first quote: 80% of employees who have a player have an ipod. Then below: 80% of employees have a player. 0.8 * 0.8 * 250 = 160.

  5. It all depends on the two 80% factors, right?

    80% have players

    80% of that 80% own iPods

    So, at my friend’s company ANTI-MUSIC, ANTI-APPLE:

    0% have players

    0% of that 0% have iPods

    But if the 80% factors are true at MS (the real nut of this), then:

    25,000 MS Employees

    80% 20,000 have a digital music player

    80% 16,000 have an iPod

    I know this because Excel tells me so and, after all, it’s a MicroSoft program!

  6. CN says:

    Adi, as noted by others, read your own quote. Their calculation is in line with their own numbers. 80 % Ipod users out of 80 % having any kind of player…

  7. Adi Oltean says:

    Thanks for correction… In the end, this is good news: I’ll have to search for 40 iPods less ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. CN says:

    Good luck. Please keep us posted!

  9. Zeta Blocker says:

    Maybe they’re in the same place as Microsoft’s IE security policies?

  10. Mike Weiss says:

    Well, Apple iPods are like 100x better then any other music player so if you have one, then you only need to find, like, .6 more?!


    I think there’s as much logic and facts in this post then the figures you’re quoting!!

  11. Adi Oltean says:

    >> Well, Apple iPods are like 100x better then any other music player so if you have one, then you only need to find, like, .6 more?!

    Good point ๐Ÿ™‚

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