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Launching a CMD window as Local System

What is your favorite method of launching CMD.EXE as Local System? I found the following method after a little experimentation. Just run the command below to create a generic service called TESTSVC. C:\>sc create testsvc binpath= “cmd /K start” type= own type= interact [SC] CreateService SUCCESS   Then, whenever you need a new CMD running as…


Running CMD.EXE as Local System

Many times in the past I had to run an interactive command-line shell under the Local SYSTEM account. That is, a CMD window on your desktop running under the system account. This technique is extremely useful in many cases, for example to debug ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED type errors that are coming from a system service.   Let’s…


Downloads – Microsoft Research

Accidentally, I just discovered an interesting web page with all sorts of curious (downloadable) projects developed by various teams from Microsoft Research: http://www.research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/  


Using RFID at home

An interesting article about various uses of the RFID technology: http://www.primidi.com/2004/11/20.html and its associated Slashdot link. But, I actually have a different wish from RFID. I always dreamed of some “smart” hand-held RFID scanner that could discover whatever I couldn’t find for the moment. For example, let’s say that I can’t find my glasses in the morning. Then all I have to do…


Another puzzle: Self-extracting EXE

The rules are the following: 1)  Before starting the test, you choose the computer + OS you want, etc.2) Then, I give you a certain file.3) You need to create a self-extracting EXE for it, that is always smaller than the original file. You can use any loseless compression/decompression algorithm tailored for this specific file. The decompression code might be self-contained in this file but of…


Radio Feedback

This morning, while listening to some boring songs on C89.5, I was thinking that it would be great to have some sort of an “feedback” mechanism. Something extremely simple and dumb, that every radio should have – two buttons: a red and a green one. If you don’t like the song, press the red button right now….


White magic with Microsoft Exchange (Part I)

Here at Microsoft we have lots of discussion groups, probably in the order of thousands. And I am not sure about how many emails are going daily on these groups but you got the idea. Now, since I always liked to have a peek in everything, I ended up being enlisted in way too many…


Script Recipe of the week: Detecting a new disk inserted in the system

Calvin Hsia presented a method to detect a device arrival in Visual Fox Pro. The code looks pretty long, even for a C++ programmer like me 🙂 I am wondering if there is a shorter variant… Here is a similar code VBScript, which uses WMI events: Set objWMIService = GetObject(_ “winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\.\root\cimv2”) Set colMonitoredEvents = objWMIService.ExecNotificationQuery(…