Remembering passwords…

It looks like the number of passwords that I have to remember grows linearly over time. Since I don't have the best mnemotechnic abilities I decided today that it is OK to just forget them. Then, I just tell the whatever-site-I-must-log-on that I've forgot my password and ask it to send it by email (or reset it) each time my cookie expires. Then I simply cut & paste the password from the received email and voila, everything seems to work fine. This also allows me to implement real cryptic passwords without any fear that I might forget them later.

P.S. Yes, I know that SMTP is not really a secure protocol... 🙂

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  1. However there are Web sites that don’t have such Forgot your passwords links (well, yes, poorly designed sites)… What about those, you just create another account?

    I think the best way for memorizing passwords is to create a logic which only you would know on how to generate a password based on the entity (Web Site, Windows Server, etc.) you need the password for.

    For example, you can define this password generation logic:

    The last letter of the entity name + "mypassword14g^s" + The first 3 letters of the entity name, written like this: first of the three letters – lowercase, the others uppercase.

    Just an example, not my logic, so don’t try on my account(s) :-)…

  2. Also see this (if you haven’t already), it might be very helpful:

    <a href="">Password Multiplexer (from MSDN)</a>

  3. Sean says:

    One of the reasons I think IE should have a built-in Authorization/Identity/Login manager..

  4. David Cottrill says:

    Might I recommend SafeSex? It’s a great way to store passwords (or other private data) in a "relatively secure" fashion.

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