The best blog ever.

Right now (as I write this paragraph), my blog seems to be the best blog ever - it has no posts whatsoever! No rants, perfect silence... it is a perfect blog. The pure white home page gives me such a good feeling.

But, by the time you read this, the statement above won't be true anymore... 

Comments (4)

  1. RedWolves2 says:

    No buddy’s perfect!

  2. You have to fill it with some garbage 🙂

  3. kanshangren says:

    But it’s not perfect now,:)

  4. maxine says:

    darkness of melancholy piano buttons snapping in time with the next murderous rampage on freedom good helpings of what I call fruity jell o I wish I was back in paris or london or tokyo anonymous in a good invisible city sort of way my love is dust dust dust spiraling into human form defying the laws of thermodynamics and here I am crying absorbing bread and hummus….hummmmmmmmmmmmus

    la la la

    tra la la

    ah ah ah

    la la

    tra la la


    praise be to all that is

    may all minds ring with salvation

    soul salvation

    may we all peacefully

    sing falsetto

    in the promenade

    as the heavens freeze

    as the stars separate

    as love becomes a temperature that cannot be recorded

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