Blogs/Forum related to UC developer platform and UCMA

As UC platform is gaining momentum among developers, here are some resources about the blogs/forums related to UC platform in general. They also contain lot of information in particular about writing UCMA 2.0 applications.   Unified Communications Development blog : OCS R2 Server Side Application Development (SDK)s – UC forum to post questions : A…


Office Communication Server 2007 R2 launch and UCMA 2.0 SDK

I was waiting since long time for the launch event of OCS-2007, finally the launch day is arrived. Tomorrow 9:30 am you can join the virtual launch event.   I am specifically excited to tell about new richer version of UCMA 2.0 SDKs, which we were working since last one year. Now developers are…


PDC 2008 – Sessions for Unified Communications Platform

Since long time I was waiting for this exciting moment, when we will be telling our customers about the new exciting rich developer platform for Unified Communications world. Which will allow new wide range of rich applications with build in communication features like Presence, Instant Messaging and Voice. In upcoming days, I would be writing in more detail…


Developer forum for UCMA API

If you are UCMA API user, then you would like the msdn developer forum specific to Unified Communications Managed SDK. You can post all your UCMA API related questions on this forum   



In this webcast, we present the software development kit (SDK) for the Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) version 1.0. The SDK includes a SIP-based endpoint API that can provide the flexibility and scalability required by advanced developers to build and integrate server applications, such as alert broadcasters, media control units, and instant messaging (IM)…


Unified Communications Managed API 1.0 SDK Public Beta download pointer

Hi,          This might be a good news to all of you who were searching for the download pointer for UCMA API and difficulty in finding it. Now you can download it without logging into msdn account.  I will start posting samples about API usage scenarios now.   This posting is provided “AS IS”…


UC Managed API (UCMA) v1.0 beta available

I was eagerly waiting since a long time to write about this exciting news, With the public annonucement of OCS 2007 beta, now we have a managed API known as UCMA is publicly available. Before coming out with official name UCMA, we were internally calling it as sdk. This SDK opens up the Sip signaling…