Using FtpWebRequest to do FTP over SSL

Last few weeks we were busy to get Whidbey Beta-2 bits ready for release. If you are looking for some API where your application could talk to a FTP server, which supports SSL. FtpWebRequest under System.Net namespace is your solution. Here I will just point to SSL specific features of the class Enabling FtpWebrequest to use…


Client side certificate with strong key protection and WebServices

When you are writing application to run as service or middle tier, which is using client certificates. You should not enable strong key protection during certificate installation. Strong key protection is the way you are informing the system that whenever someone want to use this protected resource (client certifcate) then prompt me for the permission….


Configure System.Net.HttpListener to listen for SSL

Whidbey contains cool class HttpListener under System.Net namespace, it allows you to create your your own HttpServer on top of HttpSys. Some of you aske about steps for configuring HttpListener to work with SSL. Basically you need to configure httpsys. You need to  bound particular port to a server certificate, where you want your listener to…


Using SSL client certificate in WebRequest and WebServices without certificate installation

If you are using .Net frameworks 1.0 or 1.1, certificate must be installed on either User store or Machine Store. This posting is only valid for v2.0. In version 2.0 (Currently released Whidbey Beta1) user have option to use the certificate which contain the private key without installing it on certificate store. In general it is not recommended…


SSL https requests with client certificates from ASP.NET

Problem Applications making https request from .net web applications (.aspx pages) are not able to use client certificates. Cause Client certificates are linked to user accounts, ASPX is running under ASPNET account, this account can’t access the certificates installed under user account or system account. HttpWebRequest implementation only access the certificate only from account under…