Communicator Web Access AJAX Service SDK Released!!

If you are looking for adding cool instant messaging and presence functionality to your web applications or simple C# applications, try out Communicator Web Access AJAX Service SDK, it already includes the sample code to get started. I will also keep posting quick code snippets here.   Quick Info from the SDK: Communicator Web Access AJAX…


You need to be careful about using event handler for NetworkChange

Actually the issue I am discussing here is in general true for any event handler. .net event handler are strong reference. In case of NetworkChange it become more important because both event handler on NetworkChange object are static handlers, so there life time is the lifetime of the process. For example you may be using code like below…


Use object pooling of byte arrays to prevent heap fragmentation in socket applications

When you are worrking on managed socket application and your application is very extensively doing send/recieve on the socket, then probably you need to care about understanding the heap management. Socket.Recieve or Socket.Send finally need to call the underlying native winsock API call to recieve the data on user specified buffer. Same is true for NetworkStream.Read and NetworkStream.Write calls,…


WebException message vs. Response.StatusDescription on FtpWebRequest

Recently one of the reader asked an interesting question, he was using FtpWebRequest with MakeDirectory method, if directory already exist then application received the WebException with message.”The remote server returned an error: (550) File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access).”. This exception message appears to be very generic and not helping the user to figure out what…


Using FtpWebRequest to do FTP over SSL

Last few weeks we were busy to get Whidbey Beta-2 bits ready for release. If you are looking for some API where your application could talk to a FTP server, which supports SSL. FtpWebRequest under System.Net namespace is your solution. Here I will just point to SSL specific features of the class Enabling FtpWebrequest to use…


Use NetworkInformation classes to get the list of listening ports on your machine

.Net frameworks 2.0 have new addition of Namespace, System.Net.NetworkInformation, it provide a number of interesting classes to extract the network related statistics and state of the machine, it pretty much provide most of the functionality which is exposed by native IPHelper APIs. Earlier I had shown a simple example for getting network availbility event notification. Here…


Client side certificate with strong key protection and WebServices

When you are writing application to run as service or middle tier, which is using client certificates. You should not enable strong key protection during certificate installation. Strong key protection is the way you are informing the system that whenever someone want to use this protected resource (client certifcate) then prompt me for the permission….


You could help us on application compatibilty verification

Hi,          If you have an application build on .net frameworks 1.0 or .net frameworks 1.1, which is using System.Net classes. If you want to  make sure that your app works behaves as expected on 2.0 we could help.This would also enable you to contribute on our effort for application compatibility verification and make sure application works perfectly…


Must watch MSDNTV shows on network programming

If you love working on network programming and curious to see the demo of upcoming network programming features in .Net frameworks 2.0, you will love these MSDN  TV shows from our team.  Write Connected Applications Using System.Net Learn how to write better connected apps with System.Net in Visual Studio 2005. Since VS 2003, we’ve significantly enhanced the System.Net…


Understanding HttpWebRequest Connection Management and ServicepointManager

If you are looking for some information on understanding the basics of HttpWebRequest connection management and servicepointmanager, I just posted an article which could be useful for you.  This is first in the series, in future posting I promise to provide more details about specific scenarios which include Http with authentication and proxy server and also for other…