UC Managed API (UCMA) v1.0 beta available

I was eagerly waiting since a long time to write about this exciting news, With the public annonucement of OCS 2007 beta, now we have a managed API known as UCMA is publicly available. Before coming out with official name UCMA, we were internally calling it as Ucp.net sdk. This SDK opens up the Sip signaling stack for managed application. As soon as it publishes on MSDN (expecting within a week or so), I will provide the download link and I will post more real scenarios and samples here.

Its a sip stack endpoint API, below is the list of some interesting features you will see in UCMA 1.0

a) Support for Sip Endpoint REGISTER to sip servers and SipPeerToPeerEndpoint,

b) Full SipSignalingSession to establish Sip dialog, it includes support for REDIRECT and REFER,

c) Utility classes for Sip header, Sip uri and SDP parsing,

d) Support for SIP SERVICE request, which is commonly used by OCS for publish operations,

e) Support for basic SIP Subscription dialog  and Notification with automatic refresh, 

f) Great scalability for middle tier application with MTLS server connection management,

In the coming weeks I will be posting simple code snippets and explain the usage scenarios for each of this feature.


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  1. Ashi4 says:


    where we can find this beta ?

    I’m really interesse by ths componante.

  2. adarshk says:

    Soon beta will be available to MSDN Universal subscribers. I am also waiting for it to get published for download. I will also post the download link here as soon as I know.

  3. mark says:

    with the rtc 1.3 sdk it was not possible to regsiter a bot application with lcs, that did not accumulate a buddy or watcher list and show an ‘online’ presence status.

    we compromised with a ‘status unknown’ presence so the watcher/buddy list limit was not reached.

    with ucma 1.0, is it possible to do this? to show an online status for a bot contact, without growing the watcher list?

  4. Kenton Brown says:

    Would this allow one to develop a VOIP PBX with c#?

  5. adarshk says:

    Actually answer is no, current version of UCMA is endpoint API.

    For VoIP PBX we do need support for server API which can accept the REGISTER request and does call routing.

  6. derek_joyce@yahoo.com says:

    Is the UCMA SDK availible yet for download?

  7. adarshk says:

    Yes, if you are an msdn subscriber. Then you can just logon to your account and you should be able to find it in subscriber download area.

  8. TOM says:

    Hello, even I logon to the account I still can not find UCMA SKD download link….Maybe I should look for some other name??

  9. Mark Hickson says:

    There was a demo of an Interactive Bot application by Stephane Taine in the webcast “Unified Communications 101 (Part 3 of 4) The SDK for the Unified Communications Managed API” on June 14 2007.

    Where can we get this sample code?  The SDK only includes a sample for “BroadcastIM”, and I’d really like to move foward based on the interactive bot sample.


  10. Stephane Taine says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your interest in our API.

    We will ship a version closed to Interactive Bot sample demo as part of the SDK release at RTM.

    Some protocol extensions may not appear as part of the sample code but will be available as part of OCS protocol documentation that can be licensed.



  11. Stephane Taine says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your interest in our API.

    A similar sample to the one used for the demo will be part of the UCMA SDK at RTM.

    Some protocol extensions may be removed from the sample but will be available as part of the OCS protocol extensions that can be licensed.


  12. Seshu says:

    Hi ,

            Is there any way we can implement third party call control using OCS api(UCMA, UCCA or RTC)?

    I am really confused which one to use, UCMA provides only end point signalling and no control to Answer/conference/hold/unhold etc.

    Please suggest me, where to download UCCA?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Seshu Kumar.

  13. souren says:

    Is it possible to request the LCS / OCS status of a user via this API?

    As far as I am aware AJAX is using this API when you issue a Querypresence


  14. ashish says:

    hi Stephane Taine,

                      I have a problem regarding ucma.

    I have to show the presence of a user(online or offline) from a list of user. ca you tell me how it can be achieved in the ucma.

    if you ca send me a mail so it will be very helpful for me.my Email-Id is ashish_046@hotmail.com


  15. Gayithri Hegde says:


    I have some doubts regarding these apis. I am developing a proxy gor getting the presence information of the user from OCS 2007.

    Can I use UCMA 1.0 V.

    Also for UCMA2.0v the document says we can use only Windows VISTA or Windows server 2008. If I can use UCMA 2.0 v on Windows XP?

    Also If i use UC client API, is there any limitation on the max no. of active subscriptions?

    Please reply to gayathri.hg@gmail.com



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