Introducing the Migration Tool for Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications

For customers currently using the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications (aka the LOB adapters) and willing to migrate their existing projects to the WCF-based LOB adapters, here’s a tool that will help you migrate your projects to work with BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0. Before we start talking about the tool and the adapter projects…

Connection failure when using the WCF Siebel Adapter

I have seen quite a few instances where people run into issues while using the WCF Siebel adapter because of   a.       Siebel Web Client is not installed correctly on the machine b.      Or the URI passed to the adapter, that eventually gets transformed to the connection string passed to Siebel, is incorrect   In…


Things to consider when writing WCF LOB Adapters for consumption through BizTalk

  If you are writing a WCF LOB adapter that can be consumed through BizTalk, you need to be aware of certain issues that can manifest because of the way BizTalk interacts with WCF adapters. Some of these can have performance and scalability impact and hence you should consider them when designing/configuring the adapter. Processing…


Oracle EBS/DB Adapter Changes in Beta

As the Beta release for the Adapter pack approaches, here’s a list of changes in the Oracle EBS/DB Adapters so that you can prepare for it:   ·         Now support Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008   ·         Based on Oracle ODP.Net   Both adapters now _require_ ODP.Net installed on the client as…


BizTalk Adapter Pack v2 CTP

BizTalk Adapter Pack team has released a CTP. This is  the 5th CTP and the first one available publicly for everyone to try.  The specific enhancements in this CTP  are mostly to the OracleDB adapter(included in the BAPv1) to which we added features like support for polling stored procedures and composite operations. We also added 64…


Hotfix list for the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack (and related scenarios)

As and when we release newer hotfixes, I will edit this post. Hotfix list for the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack V1 Hotfix/KB Number Component Affected Description       950101 OracleDB An error occurs if you try executing a Stored Procedure inside a Package, which belongs to a schema other than the default schema for…

CTP3 of Adapter Pack v2

CTP3 is here and we have added a lot more features based on some feedback we have been getting from various channels. So here is the list of major enhancements SQL adapter: 1)      Strongly typed polling  2)      Strongly typed stored procedures Oracle Adapter 1)      Inline Value support2)      App context initialization3)      Oracle Notifications4)      ReadLOB/Update LOB operations5)      …


Announcing the Biztalk Adapter Pack Poster

We’re exicted to announce the availability of the new BizTalk Adapter Pack Poster. This poster covers interoperability with Line-of-Business Applications using the BizTalk Adapter Pack and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) LOB Adapter SDK. It depicts the functionality, components, architecture, and usage/hosting scenarios of BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 and of the WCF LOB Adapter SDK….


Announcing availability of May CTP of Adapter Pack V2!

The BizTalk Adapter Pack team is very happy to announce the release of the first CTP of the Adapter Pack V2. This CTP contains new WCF/ASDK-based Oracle E-Business Suite and SQL adapters for use with BizTalk Server R2. MOSS and any .Net application. This CTP is only available for members who have enrolled into the…


BizTalk Adapter Pack V1.0 Eval Version available!

We are announcing the availability of the Eval version of the BizTalk Adapter Pack 1.0! This can downloaded from here. You can use the eval version for development purposes for 120-day from the day of installation.   Party on! The BizTalk Adapter Pack Team