Connection failure when using the WCF Siebel Adapter

I have seen quite a few instances where people run into issues while using the WCF Siebel adapter because of


a.       Siebel Web Client is not installed correctly on the machine

b.      Or the URI passed to the adapter, that eventually gets transformed to the connection string passed to Siebel, is incorrect


In order to eliminate the above 2 as possible causes, you can try out the following sample code that will use the Siebel COM interface to directly talk with Siebel (adapter is not involved). Please make sure you don’t see any error messages.


/// Application that will issue Login-Logoff request to Siebel


/// To run this program,

/// - Set ConnectString, Username and Password. ConnectString is of the format

///     siebel://host/EnterpriseServer/AppObjMgr/SiebelServer

///   (SiebelServer is required in case of Siebel 7.5)

///   For an example, please see the code below.

/// - Add a reference to sstchca.dll (found in siebel client install folder)

/// - Compile and run the program

/// - If the login fails, you will see an error message


using System;

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

using SiebelBusObjectInterfaces;


namespace Sample


    class Program


        const string ConnectString = "host=\"siebel://adapsblsrvr77:2321/ent77/SSEObjMgr_enu";

        const string Username = "abc";

        const string Password = "def";


        static void Main(string[] args)


            SiebelDataControl sdc = null;

            bool loggedIn = false;




                /// Create a connection

                sdc = new SiebelDataControl();


                sdc.Login(ConnectString, Username, Password);

                loggedIn = true;


            catch (COMException ex)


                Console.WriteLine("ERROR: " + ex.ToString());




                if (sdc != null)


                    if (loggedIn)





                    sdc = null;




            Console.WriteLine("Press any key to terminate...");






Comments (2)
  1. Upadhyay says:


    My Biztalk Environment is 64-bit with Biztalk 2010, Windows server 2008. I Installed Siebel Adapter LOB pack. To make connection with Siebel, need to install Siebel web-Client as pre-requisite. Unfortunately, Siebel Web Client version 7.7 or 8X does not support on Windows server 2008 Standard. Any Idea how to make it possible to connect with Siebel?

  2. AUpadhyay says:

    Hi Sandeep,

    Is it possible to connect siebel without installing Siebel web client in Biztalk server box. It looks that without adding the dll reference  to sstchca.dll will not work out. If i dont install Siebel Web Client then can i use this dll gacing in Biztalk assembly. Have you tried it. Let me know if it work.

    Why i need this because , siebel web client installation does not support on Windows server 2008.


    A Upadhyay

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