Adapter Pack 2.0 Beta released

Hi all,

 We are pleased to announce the release of the Adapter Pack 2.0 Beta.As this is a public beta, customers can also download a 120 day evaluation version here .The features we added are listed below in brief . In addition, we are shipping a free to use migration tool which will help users migrate their projects which used older adapters to the Adapter Pack adapters (details below)



Oracle EBS

·         64 bit support

·         Synonyms

·         Added performance counters

·         Notification support



·         64 bit support

·         Synonyms

·         UDTs

·         Notifications

·         Polling stored procedures

·         Performance counters



Adapter SDK

·         Display complex binding properties 

·         Display metadata wsdl in web control


SAP data provider

·         Support for more operators in Sap Queries

·         SAP SSRS support in VS2008



·         New Samples for SQL and Oracle eBiz Adapters



The BizTalk Adapter Pack Migration Tool  is a utility that helps developers migrate BizTalk projects using the  BizTalk 2006 SQL or the BizTalk Adapter v2.0 for mySAP Business Suite to their corresponding WCF-based versions from BizTalk Adapter Pack v2!


With the help of this utility you will be able to compile and deploy your application within minutes. Some of the highlights for the Migration Tool are:

  • Works on the source project files

  •   Generates equivalent schema definitions for the operations used in the existing project

  •   Generates new maps to convert messages from older formats to the new format

  •   Modifies any existing maps to work with the new schemas

  •   A new project is created upon completion, which uses the SQL and/or SAP adapters from the BizTalk Adapter Pack v2


The tool works for most common scenarios of maps and orchestrations, however it is only meant to be a starting step towards migration to BAP and we are open to receiving feedback to add scenarios,.

Comments (6)

  1. ArmbrusterR says:


    just played around with the new adapter pack and tried to set up a dynamic sql send port like it is written in the documentation. It failed because it can´t find the prefix "mssql://" which is used to provide the db connection. I followed completely the instructions in the documentation, any idea if there is a bug (either in the adapterpack or even in the documentation)?



  2. Hi!

    We’ll look into this. Meanwhile, can you also post this question on the forums at ""? Once we figure out the issue, we’ll reply back on your post there.


  3. sharadag says:


    We tried out setting up the dynaamic send port using the guidelines given in the documentation, and were successful in doing the same. We would thus like to understand your scenario in some more detail:

    1. After you create a Biztalk project, right click on the project for Add Generated Items->Consume Adapter Service. In the drop down "Select a binding" do you see "sqlBinding"??
    2. Can we have some more information, as to what kind of project are you trying to create. Basically, some more idea about the business process workflow that you are trying to achieve through your orchestration, the various shapes you have used in it.

    Also, it would be really great as Mustansir commented if you can post the question on the given forum link.

    Regards & Thanks


  4. ArmbrusterR says:

    Sorry for late response Sharad,

    I didn´t receive a mail for your response. I will check that asap and give you feedback.

    Regards & Thanks,


  5. ArmbrusterR says:

    Hi Sharad,

    I checked if the sqlBinding is availible and it is. What I tried to do (just for testing purposes) is to recieve a message from a file location and deceide at runtime depending on the information of the file from which SQL Server I get the data (ReqResp-Port) for sending to a (also dynamic) CRM Port (the dynamic CRM Port works)

    I will go on testing this with the release version of the adapter pack to check if it´s working there.



  6. kiquenet says:

    Any new versions ? will be open source in codeplex or github?

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