CTP3 of Adapter Pack v2

CTP3 is here and we have added a lot more features based on some feedback we have been getting from various channels. So here is the list of major enhancements

SQL adapter:

1)      Strongly typed polling 
2)      Strongly typed stored procedures

Oracle Adapter

1)      Inline Value support
2)      App context initialization
3)      Oracle Notifications
4)      ReadLOB/Update LOB operations
5)       PLSQL tables inside RecordTypes    
6)      Performance improvement for metadata generation



1)      We now support upgrade from APv1 RTM to APv2 CTP3
2)      More meaningful schema names for SQL adapter - again a common feedback from customers, we will be doing this for other adapters in next releases

3)      Using the SAP ADO provider from SSRS

4)      Making WCF LOB adapters more discoverable - one of the common requests was that users have to select WCF-Custom and then sqlbinding or sapbinding from yet another menu in the BTS admin console while configuring ports causing problems with usability and troubleshooting.This has now been fixed and you can choose WCF-SQL or WCF-SAP from the list of send ports.



So go ahead and try out the new CTP and do send in feedback. As always, if you want to try this CTP  you need to join the TAP(Technology Adoption Program). You can see the details for joining TAP here . 



Vivek Krishna



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