Siebel adapter connection URI

Siebel adapter exposes siebel connection string as URI. Siebel URI syntax is given below:


various components of URI are:

SiebelGateway: This variable point to siebel gateway hostname or ip address in case only one siebel server is configured for the gateway. If a gateway manages more than one siebel server, then individual server address must be provided. portno is optional if Siebel server is to configured to run with default port no.

SiebelEnterpriseServer: This must be valid Siebel enterprise server name

SiebelObjectManager: Valid siebel object manager name. Examples are SSEObjMgr_enu

Language: Siebel language code like enu

SiebelRepository: This is optional parameter if there is only one repository present on Siebel Server. In case multiple repositories are present, the repository to use must be specified. This is regardless of other repositories being inactive.

SiebelServer: This parameter is applicable to only siebel 7.5 and used to denote SiebelServer name.


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  1. Upadhyay says:


    My Biztalk Environment is 64-bit with Biztalk 2010, Windows server 2008. I Installed Siebel Adapter LOB pack. To make connection with Siebel, need to install Siebel web-Client as pre-requisite. Unfortunately, Siebel Web Client version 7.7 or 8X does not support on Windows server 2008 Standard. Any Idea how to make it possible to connect with Siebel?

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