Greetings from Shanghai

I was in Shanghai last week to interview candidates for Microsoft, and got a day to do a little sightseeing. Shanghai is a pretty neat city!                                


What is Acrylic For?

Andrew Watt, an infopath MVP asked, “What exactly is Acrylic for?” Acrylic is intended for pro designers (people who use today’s pro design tools) to create rich visual content, primarily for use in user interfaces, either desktop apps or web apps, although for the pure artist it’s also an excellent tool. It’s target audience is not developers or…


Sparkle Video Link

In case you missed the Sparkle Video on Channel 9, here’s the link: And the NorthFace Concept Video:   


You’ve Got Questions, I’ve got Answers… Part 2

OK, here’s your chance. Blast away.  I did this last year, and got lots of questions from people about how hiring and recruiting works at Microsoft, as well as some test questions. So, what would you like to know? Something about Sparkle? Or Acrylic? Something about testing at microsoft? Or more on hiring and recruiting?…


Sparkle and AdamU

Well, given that we (finally!) announced today (at PDC) the project I’ve been working on for the last 3 years, I can now put in my blog that I’ve been working on “Sparkle Interactive Designer”. You can check it out here. And yes, if you get a chance to use it in the coming months, or…


Static Code Analysis

I started using a tool this week that measures the lines of code (LOC) that are going into our source tree. I discovered several things that make me believe that measuring how much code we’ve written (along the lines of TSP or PSP) and some of the other properties of the code base can help me…

Myth Busting Testing #3: Test Automation is like car insurance.

Ok, Myth #3: An automated test must find bugs to be useful. Here’s a scenario for you: you have a car, and you have an car insurance, right? Do you really need car insurance? if you’re a safe driver, maybe you have a claim every 5 years, and maybe you pay out more in premiums…


Myth Busting Testing #2

Myth #2: Testing does not, by itself, improve software quality.   I love this one! I must have heard it like a gazillion times. And taken at its most literal, it is entirely correct. Huh? Yep, it’s entirely literally correct. So why am I calling it a myth? Because it implies that testing and quality…


Myth Busting Testing and Test Automation

I’ve been reading a lot lately, and wow, there are so many opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of writing test automation. I thought I’d share my observations as to the common misperceptions that anyone in the software development business (engineer or manager, development, test or pm) needs to understand about testing in general and test automation…


Engineering Excellence and TrustWorthy Computing

For the last several years, Microsoft has had days devoted to Engineering Excellence (EE), and to TrustWorthy Computing (TWC). Much of EE days in the last couple years have been about pushing quality upstream, which I interpret as getting more testing done sooner in the process,  whether it is design reviews, code reviews, or unit…