windows media player 10 now available

Another update for windows xp, windows media player 10 is now available, and can be downloaded at: what’s new? HD support! Music downloads! It’s got a really sweet new interface.And the best one, Smart Jukebox. If you are like me and have ALOT of CDs ripped to your hard drive (I have them on my…


great updates for winXP

I’ve been on vacation with the family and busy with tons of other stuff, and I realized that I hadn’t posted in over a month! Wow, time flies. While my next test topic post is a discussion of why you should do test automation (it’s about half complete), I thought I should post that windows…


We don’t make the software you use, we make the software you use better….

BASF used a variation on the above as it’s corporate tagline. Michael Hunter, the technical lead for my test team, used this as part of his auto signature for quite some time. It should be the motto for every software test/qa organization. For those who don’t know him, Adam Barr worked for microsoft from 1990 to…


Microsoft, customers and innovation

As I was checking the MSFT price this morning after the big announcement on stock buy back yesterday, this article on Microsoft was at the top of the list on moneycentral. Here’s the two blurbs that got me irritated: The fact that Microsoft’s biggest news events in the past couple of years have been…


Preparing for technical positions at MS: part deux: Industry route

If you’ve been working (or idling) for a year or more since you hung up your full time academic cap and gown, the microsoft recruiting machine considers you an industry candidate. Many of my comments in the prior post about campus candidates will apply to industry candidates as well. In fact, I would say that ALL…


Preparing for Technical Positions at MS: part 1: college campus route

Matt asked about how to prepare for a technical position at Microsoft. Since there are two separate recruiting engines at Microsoft, I’m going to break my comments up into college candidates and industry candidates to match the paths that people typically enter the company.   College Campus Candidates I interview a lot of people at…



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You’ve got Questions, I’ve got answers.

I got some questions on my last blog post, so I’ll do my best to answer them now:     Q. How hard is it to get a job at Microsoft? Well, that’s a tough question to answer. There are hundreds of variables there. If you know someone and they submit your resume as a…


Questions, Questions, Questions

I got several email responses about how hiring works at Microsoft, and what I look for in hiring. I will respond to the questions, in my next post, but in the meantime, you can read a couple blog entries by Michael. Screen Door Hallmarks of Great Testers


Added a couple blog links

I put a couple of links on my main blog page, will add more as I run across stuff that I enjoy. If you haven’t yet, You should read Soma’s blog. Soma is my manager’s manager. Michael, aka the Braidy Tester, has a great blog. Michael is the technical lead for my test team. I…