Adam Singer

Veni, vidi, expertus sum- I came, I saw, I tested


Apparently, if there’s one thing that can get me blogging up a storm it’s Hyper-V. I just can’t get enough! The word of the day is “snapshots”. Learn it, love it, and dance with joy. I currently have two different main machines I’ve been prodding over the last two days. One is my development machine… Read more

Virtual Machine has gained a level

I just wrote this up for a coworker who asked me how to move a virtual machine from being hosted by Virtual Server to Hyper-V. First off, I’d like to say that I am a big fan of this type of upgrade. The first step to improving your virtualization experience is realizing that your experience… Read more

Hyper-V: They’ve gone plaid!

The title is a reference to “Spaceballs”, of course. Recently, I’ve been doing all of my development on a machine that doesn’t exist. This both amuses me greatly and increases my productivity. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m using a Hyper-V guest OS as a development machine with the host running Windows… Read more

My service is packed, I’m ready to go

…installing here, upgrade once more(Adapted from “Leaving on a Jet Plane”) A post on the Visual Studio Team System forums reminded me of one very important tidbit of Visual Studio patching. The integration of Team Foundation Server with Visual Studio enables all sorts of marvelous functionality and is great for development, but does place some… Read more

License to Nil

As a follow up to my explication on the various TFS Editions and a few thread I saw on the Visual Studio Team System forums (including Upgrading TFS 2008 Workgroup to Std. Edition – then TF50626), I’d like to point out something about the upgrade from Workgroup Edition to Full Edition. When you’re running Workgroup… Read more

Absence makes the install grow fonder

As I mentioned in a previous post, our program manager Sudhir is blogging up a storm on all the great new features in Orcas, including remote Analysis Services and Sharepoint. You can also use pre-installed and configured Sharepoint instances, if your company already has one set up. Brian Harry recently posted the final TFS 2008 feature list,… Read more

Great news!

I’m still alive! Yes, I know you all agree that’s great news. At least, I think it’s great news so will classify it as such here in my blog. First, a bit of business: Come chat with the Visual Studio Team System product team – This Wednesday   Join members of the Visual Studio Team System… Read more

Can you direct me to Directory Services?

As with many of my other Administration and Operations posts, this one stems from posts I’ve seen on the Visual Studio Team System forums. I’ve read a number of questions where people are having trouble granting their Active Directory users access to their Team Foundation Server. What I’ve found is that, oftentimes, this is due… Read more

Must be Monday

Steps to have an interesting Monday morning: Arrive at work to find that your coworker‘s door has been locked from the inside Realize that nobody in the office has keys Push up the ceiling tiles in an attempt to drop a book over the door through the ceiling to knock the door handle Realize that the… Read more

On sheep and goldfish

Here’s an old story readjusted for the modern world: A project manager, a developer, and a tester are riding on a train in Scotland. Along the way, they pass a black sheep. The project manager says, “Hey look! The sheep in Scotland are black.” The developer scoffs and says, “There is at least one black… Read more