Adam Singer

Veni, vidi, expertus sum- I came, I saw, I tested

Ventriloquism: TFS Style

Quite a long time back, Buck posted about how to recover from the situation where one TFS machine is created as a clone from another. This can lead to clients still showing the project list for one server when the connect to the second. Based on a recent Visual Studio Team System forums question (they… Read more

Edifice Reqs II: The SQL

Back in March, I posted about the requirements for TFS installation. I promised to post about “SQL Server and it’s Various Components”, but have been tied up with the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 like a Thanksgiving turkey (only not quite as delicious). In any case, I’m back from outer space. I just blogged in to… Read more

My service is packed, I’m ready to go

…installing here, upgrade once more(Adapted from “Leaving on a Jet Plane”) A post on the Visual Studio Team System forums reminded me of one very important tidbit of Visual Studio patching. The integration of Team Foundation Server with Visual Studio enables all sorts of marvelous functionality and is great for development, but does place some… Read more

Pre[ranasaurus] Reqs: The OSic Era

I’ve seen a bunch of questions over time about what it takes to get Team Foundation Server (TFS) components installed. Because it varies by component, the answer is usually rather lengthy and takes long enough to fully describe that eyes start glazing over, heads start nodding, and the utility of the information is basically reduces to a… Read more

License to Nil

As a follow up to my explication on the various TFS Editions and a few thread I saw on the Visual Studio Team System forums (including Upgrading TFS 2008 Workgroup to Std. Edition – then TF50626), I’d like to point out something about the upgrade from Workgroup Edition to Full Edition. When you’re running Workgroup… Read more


With Team Foundation 2008 generally available, I’ve seen a bit of confusion over the various Editions offered. Of course, there’s still a bit of confusion over how “Workgroup Edition” relates to workgroup networks, but there’s also some missing clarity around the upgrade paths, the restrictions, etc. Hopefully this simple guide will help make the Edition… Read more

Absence makes the install grow fonder

As I mentioned in a previous post, our program manager Sudhir is blogging up a storm on all the great new features in Orcas, including remote Analysis Services and Sharepoint. You can also use pre-installed and configured Sharepoint instances, if your company already has one set up. Brian Harry recently posted the final TFS 2008 feature list,… Read more

Great news!

I’m still alive! Yes, I know you all agree that’s great news. At least, I think it’s great news so will classify it as such here in my blog. First, a bit of business: Come chat with the Visual Studio Team System product team – This Wednesday   Join members of the Visual Studio Team System… Read more

He who permissions least, permissions best

I’ve heard a few questions and comments about our permission model recently. For example, some folks have asked why user in two groups, one granted a permission and one denied the same permission, is denied the permission rather than granted it. The answer lies in our permissioning model. Lets first define a few terms to get us… Read more