Adam Singer

Veni, vidi, expertus sum- I came, I saw, I tested

Ventriloquism: TFS Style

Quite a long time back, Buck posted about how to recover from the situation where one TFS machine is created as a clone from another. This can lead to clients still showing the project list for one server when the connect to the second. Based on a recent Visual Studio Team System forums question (they… Read more

Random Acts of Group-ness

Following up from my last post “‘Grep’ing Groups” and this question on the forums, here’s a bit of code that will help you add a user to multiple groups across all projects on your server. Say you want to add someone with the domain account “CORPNET\JoeBlogs” to the “Readers” group for all your projects on your Team Foundation Server… Read more

‘Grep’ing Groups

Man have I been busy. What have I been busy doing? Well, see there’s…. actually, I’ll let Brian explan as he’s already done such an eloquent job at it, with some neat charts and graphs, too. I mentioned in my last post that I have some code that will help you find built-in groups. It’s actually… Read more

New and Improved

I always wondered about that phrase- “New and Improved”. Either it’s ‘new’, which means it never existed before, or it’s ‘improved’ which means that it’s better than the previous version(s) and, therefore, existed before. Finally I can stop wondering because I think I’ve come up with a situation where it can actually be logically applied…. Read more