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On msiproperty.ini

Recently, in part because of such interesting capabilities as Sudhir mentions in his post on Analysis Services Flexibility, we had an e-mail discussion about the msiproperty.ini file. As such discussions are wont to do, this one became somewhat humorous. I decided to reply back at one point with famous quotes, replacing key words with others related to the topic on hand. Here’s what I came up with:


Matrix: “There is no msiproperty.ini file.”

Blazing Saddles: “Msiproperty.ini file?! We don’t need no stinkin’ msiproperty.ini file!”

Star Wars: “You have strong feelings for them, especially for… msiproperty.ini file. He was wise to hide it from me. Yes… now Obi Wan’s failure is complete.”

A Few Good Men: “You want the msiproperty.ini file? You can’t handle the msiproperty.ini file!”



“An msiproperty.ini file on the hard disk is worth two in the install media.”

“An msiproperty.ini file in time saves nine.” (but nine what?)

“The setup is always easier on the other side of the msiproperty.ini file.”



Gauntlet Legends: “Green programmer needs msiproperty.ini file badly.”

Soul Caliber: “Msiproperty.ini file was seriously wounded, but the setup.exe still burns.”

Zero Wing: “All you msiproperty.ini file are belong to us.”


I think I just jumped the shark with that one…

One of my coworkers came by and told me that I hadn’t jumped the shark- I’d jumped the msiproperty.ini file.