Adam Singer

Veni, vidi, expertus sum- I came, I saw, I tested

Now We Are Five

Having been tagged at least twice, I felt I should take the time to write a little something about myself.

  1. I’m engaged to be married to the most beautiful, caring woman in the world this coming October. Her coworkers are jealous of the fact that I bake cookies.
  2. My music collection contains Nine Inch Nails, Dave Matthew’s Band, Paul Oakenfold, Blessid Union of Souls, and Senor Coconut.
  3. In college, I was a staff writer for the Brown Daily Herald for my whole freshman year. I also helped out with layout and selection of the AP articles to run until I realized that I needed more than 4-5 hours of sleep per night.
  4. I’ve driven a UHaul truck exactly once (the second smallest size). Considering that my car is a Corolla, this was quite a change, and is not something I would like to ever repeat. I’m very glad I had no passenger- there was fairly continuous (and gratuitous) use of all sorts of foul words involved in the journey. Some of the words were even made up on the spot. At the end of the journey, I discovered that the source of my frustration was that the “tow/haul” switch was on even though i was neither towing nor hauling.
  5. For several years when I was younger, I thought the lyrics to “You Can Call me Al” were “I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me we can all freak out.” I still like my version better.

I would tag 5 more folks, but can’t keep up with who’s not been tagged yet. Hence, if you read this and haven’t yet gotten a ping, you may (at your choice) consider yourself pinged.