Adam Singer

Veni, vidi, expertus sum- I came, I saw, I tested

[insert holiday name] came early this year!

As you’ve probably heard by now via Soma, Brian, or Rob (among others), Visual Studio SP1 is available for download! I do hope you’ll try it out. Not only are there numerous fixes and incremental improvements, but there are even some new features. More details are available on the MSDN site. Having helped out with the… Read more

Virtual Green is made of People!

So you want to run Team Foundation Server, but don’t have the physical machine resources. You think- ‘hey, isn’t Virtual Server a free download now?’ You’re right! And what’s best, TFS works just fine in a Virtual Server. Having done quite a bit of testing against servers set up in virtual machines, I can attest… Read more

New and Improved

I always wondered about that phrase- “New and Improved”. Either it’s ‘new’, which means it never existed before, or it’s ‘improved’ which means that it’s better than the previous version(s) and, therefore, existed before. Finally I can stop wondering because I think I’ve come up with a situation where it can actually be logically applied…. Read more

To project and serve

I’m doing a lot of work around the Group Security Subsystem (or Group Security Service, depending who you ask), also known as “GSS”. GSS manages the basic permissions for all of Team Foundation Server. GSS comprises both a permissions model (allow/deny) and a group heirarchy. External users and groups can be added to TFS groups, and… Read more

Get your users for nothin’ and your sync for free

Many folks have written on the forums about trouble getting new users to access Team Foundation Server. There are a few things that are important to know here. The first is that we actually cache external identities in our databases so there can be a delay while we sync the external data and then populate our tables… Read more

Must be Monday

Steps to have an interesting Monday morning: Arrive at work to find that your coworker‘s door has been locked from the inside Realize that nobody in the office has keys Push up the ceiling tiles in an attempt to drop a book over the door through the ceiling to knock the door handle Realize that the… Read more

That was easy

Remember those Staples commercials with the “easy button”? Well, it seems like they’re actually selling them now! I found out when my girlfriend bought me one yesterday. Like Chris said, they’re kind of like this year’s version of the red stapler from Office Space. Get yours before they’re all gone– you’ll be the envy of all your… Read more

Master of No Domain

I’ve seen several folks asking about Team Foundation Server in a non-domain (i.e. workgroup) environment. Note that the TFS Workgroup Edition is not required for this setup– that edition is just a limited user edition that only allows five users to have permission to access the system at any given time. You can install any of… Read more

Le Chat-tue

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, there’s a Team System Chat tomorrow. These chats are great ways to get information in real-time directly from some of the folks who wrote the software you’re using. Please join us! Visual Studio Team System Public MSDN ChatCome and join members from the Visual Studio Team System product group to… Read more

Open and Switch Case

A few folks on the forums have asked how they can specify other editors to open files in Team Foundation version control. In particular, Acrobat PDF files have come up a few times. When investigating the issue, I discovered a workaround that I thought might be of general interest. To open a single file with a particular… Read more