Adam Singer

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Finding the [elided] in [elided] [elided]

A little bit back, Keith Hill posted in the TFS Forum about seeing “…” in Source Control Explorer’s “Pending Change” and “User” columns. Why does this happen? What does it mean? Where can you find the missing information? Do you have to learn Morse code to use source control? Fear not, dear readers, for I’ve come to help provide a few answers (kudos to Ben Ryan for the assist).

In general, Source Control Explorer will show the pending change type for a file or folder and the name of the user who’s pended that change. However, if more than one person has a change pending, we only list the change pended for the current user in the current workspace (or, if none exist, the first pending change encountered). This is to improve performance since it is fairly trivial to find out if other changes exist but somewhat more costly to find out what those changes are.

If you do want to find out exactly what changes are pending, however, fear not! Right-click on the item and select “Properties”. In the “Status” tab, you should see a complete list of all changes pended by all users.

As for Morse code, all I know is “dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot” is SOS, though I luckily haven’t had to use it lately.