Troubleshooting Installation of Team Foundation

So, while TFS 2008 installation is a significantly better experience than TFS 2005, there are still a number of pre-requisites and scenarios that can make installation a tricky affair. Often, it's a small issue in configuration or order that can be overcome, with the right problem diagnosis.

This new article discusses some of the more common issues and the reasons/resolutions.

Troubleshooting Installation of Team Foundation

This topic provides information useful in isolating the cause of a problem that can occur when you install Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server and its prerequisites, and provides solutions for resolving these problems. The most common reasons for an installation of Team Foundation Server to fail are:

  • One or more procedures were skipped during the installation of a prerequisite component.

  • Not all components from a previous installation were completely removed.

  • Changes were made to one or more prerequisite components to increase secure connections, but these changes interfere with the successful installation of Team Foundation Server.


Troubleshooting Installation of Team Foundation

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