Xbox 360 v PS3: A developer comparison

 Both ID softward (Kevin Cloud) talks about the power of the development environment and power of XBOX 360. As well, a comparison of development and power of two at… . Very interesting. Link to Xbox 360 News: Id Software talks 360 Wolfenstein –


Awesome list of widgets!

  Per Rob Caron’s Blog, the most awesome single list of add-ons, accessories, etc for Team System that I’ve EVER SEEN! This is a list of various Visual Studio 2005 and Team Foundation Server add-ins, add-ons, widgets, and extensibility solutions. We are not endorsing or recommending – just listing. Also, keep in mind that…


PaulStovell.NET – TrialBalance Build System

This is super cool. Using/extending the build system to not only build the software but extend the build all the way to the deployment target. Imagine, automating the build and deployment from dev to test to staging….  Now that is super useful! Check it out…  Link to PaulStovell.NET – TrialBalance Build System


VSSConverter GUI

 If you have Visual SourceSafe, and are considering a move to Team Foundation Server Source Control (and you SHOULD BE), having a graphical front end to the command line tool included with TFS would be a wonderful addition… Check this out… Link to Eyal’s Posts » VSSConverter GUI