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We are currently recruiting for positions in the Developer and Platform Team at Microsoft Canada.

What is the Developer and Platform Evangelism Team?

Mission: Drive platform adoption through evangelism, community engagement and a vibrant partner solutions ecosystem.

Goals – .NET Adoption, Community Satisfaction, Grow Of The ISV Community

We are a high energy team of technical experts focused on driving excitement around .NET and the Microsoft platform.

We are Microsoft’s voice in the field to the Developer and Architect Community

Not Sales! We are focused on the cutting edge and the adoption

How to Apply

go to

Posting Codes:

      ISV MBS Evangelist - J0804-0271

      ISV Evangelist - J0205-0176

      Developer Evangelist – J0305-0397

      Architect Evangelist - J0305-0397


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  1. Rob Chartier says:

    Where is Canaca?

    Location: Western Canaca & Ontario, ON


  2. Rob Chartier says:

    I tried to sign up, and get this message:

    If you still encounter this message after trying the above steps or require any assistance on how to complete these steps please feel free to contact our Web support via email at

    Is that email address actually valid?

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