Good developers desperately needed!!!

Just a flurry of activity on the job front these days... I guess since the NHL season has been officially cancelled, a lot of .NET projects are kicking off (heck, what else is there to do in the winter in Canada without hockey, 'cept build cool solutions!)

Kate Gregory (Queen of C/C++, RD and MVP Extrodinaire) posts her company's need for top notch talent.

As does the appendix-less, and much lighter Derek Hatchard (Mr. I wrote a book on Whidbey, RD superstar), for Ardent Development solutions.

And of course, Sylvain Duford mentions that Avenade is hiring as well...

Let's see.... Ottawa, Peterborough, or Moncton.... hmmmm, is there anything available in Winnepeg? 🙂


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