Media Center Extenders. ROCK!

So, okay, after goofing around with multiple MCE boxes on different TVs, copying data back and forth, ladida, I finally realize, hey, this should be a lot easier.

And it is. Media Center Extenders.

I have since retired all but one media center box from service, and placed extenders on my other TVs. I chose the XBOX route (Media Center Extender for XBOX), as the included remote control and dongle also double as a DVD playback kit. And System Link Gaming capabilities is always a cool thing.

I combined my storage to a single large volume. The box doubles as my main MCE box, with extenders connecting to it. Four 200GB IDE drives, off a Promise FastTrack TX4000 Raid Controller (each IDE drive has it's own dedicated channel), and striped (no parity). 800GB of storage. Finally, a worthy repository.

How soon can I fill it? And when i do, will I be satisfied?

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  1. GW says:

    Having to keep the DVD in the Xbox to use the extender sucks!

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