VSLive Recap…

Wow, great attendance at VSLive! and MDC this week in Toronto. Heard very positive feedback from attendees, they liked the content. Hopefully, we'll have another one here next year...

I presented .NET Security and Enterprise Services.

Lots of interest in .NET Security. We covered the basics of policy evaluation, code access security, configuration and deployment of applications and policy, as well as the use of GenericIdentity and GenericPrincipal with AD authentication over LDAP. Lots of requests for the sources.

Enterprise Services was focussed around using COM+ services in .NET, and also around Migration of COM+ applications to Indigo.

Off to Calgary Monday night to deliver the ASP.NET Deep Dive: Building Killer ASP.NET Applications, where we'll cover authentication techniques, HTTP Modules, and other cool topics.

MSDN Subscribers: A new test build of Longhorn (4074) and LDK are available through subscriber downloads. This is the build from WinHEC... At least you can update the PDC build to something more recent....


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  1. LT says:

    Calgary event was a good one too. Thanks for the effort. Maybe I’ll have to take a stab at an old side project of mine, authenticate against an LDAP repository on a Sun Server. Good content and very relivant. You did a very good job of covering a lot of ground in a very short time and made up for the fact that Dan stood me up again (This was my fourth MSDN event this spring).

    I would have participated in the prize giveaways more if I wasn’t afraid that talking in more than a whisper would have caused a coughing fit. Yes you may not have seen me, but I am sure you heard me.

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