Metro Toronto .NET User Group!!!

Very cool. Finally, a downtown group with a downtown location...

The main site access is:

 Metro Toronto .net User Group meets the one day a month usually on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. Please register for the newsletter to receive information about upcoming events.


Thursday, April 01, 2004 (EST) - Metro Toronto .NET User Group Kick-off Meeting
speaker: Adam Gallant
location: Manulife Financial Building 1st Floor 200 Bloor Street East Toronto

Better Web Development

In this session, we will focus on some fundamentals in web development, including a special drill-down on security and caching. We will cover an overview of the .NET security, and specifically important aspects in ASP.NET security and best practices. We will also cover, at a high-level, the caching mechanisms used by ASP.NET.

This meeting will be limited to the first 200 registrants. To confirm registration. Please create an account on this site and send an email to



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