Uh … you need to see this

Microsoft Surface – watch the videos, imagine the possibilities! http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/317737_msftdevice30.html http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/industry/4217348.html http://www.microsoft.com/surface/

Windows Server 2008 / Longhorn – My Favorites

I had some training recently that got me excited about the upcoming release of the next-gen Windows Server platform, 2008 aka Longhorn. I thought you might like a no-marketing take on what I think are the most exciting new features and reasons to check it out. No, I don’t sell software (or anything else), I’m…


Know Thyself

Recently it has become apparent that perhaps the most overlooked aspect of a shop is its own staff’s capabilities. These are the aspects of an organization that are seemingly uncomfortable to discuss, but are arguably the most vital to our own success or failure. The overall capability of an IT shop becomes most apparent when it’s…


The Importance of IT Operations

Lest we forget the impact our operations have on our users, and in some cases, the world. More to come soon on this topic ….


The Business Vs. IT

This article was written based on experiences at a previous company. I think it’s such a common scenario, I wanted to get this published. Maybe I’m not the writer I thought I was because no one picked it up, so I’ll just publish it here myself! If you think you’re too far down the totem…


Secure your internet-facing IIS 6.0 servers!

Well, of course! Who wouldn’t secure their most exposed servers, right? Well, here’s the situation which I’m very sympathetic to since it was my situation for many years. You’ve heard the slogan “do more with less”? Well that applies to people, too. In a typical mid-sized company an IT Admin may be faced with handling…