The Business Vs. IT

This article was written based on experiences at a previous company. I think it’s such a common scenario, I wanted to get this published. Maybe I’m not the writer I thought I was because no one picked it up, so I’ll just publish it here myself! If you think you’re too far down the totem…


Secure your internet-facing IIS 6.0 servers!

Well, of course! Who wouldn’t secure their most exposed servers, right? Well, here’s the situation which I’m very sympathetic to since it was my situation for many years. You’ve heard the slogan “do more with less”? Well that applies to people, too. In a typical mid-sized company an IT Admin may be faced with handling…


Understanding Hyper-V VLANs

(please note part II to this post which covers other advanced scenarios)    If you are interested in this feature, it’s assumed you are familiar with the basic concept of a VLAN. Therefore I’ll focus just on using VLAN IDs with Hyper-V here. A VLAN ID is the integer which uniquely identifies a node as…


Exchange 2007 Script: how to run as a scheduled task?

Because this information was so unbelievably hard to track down I thought I’d post this. This is so strange to me, I mean, isn’t the idea of most scripting to run jobs unattended at specific times? Whew! Basically, the process is you have to call powershell.exe, then load the Exchange extensions, then pass it the command…


Hey Exchange 2007, move the mailboxes, email me the log when you’re done!

Here’s a simple script for moving mailboxes, I talked about how to schedule an Exchange 2007 script in the last post. Here’s what it does: Reads user aliases from a text file in the local directory (MoveMbx1.txt) Moves the mailboxes to a specified Server & Mailbox Store using 10 threads and suppressing the annoying “are…


TechNet Magazine, October issue is 100% Virtualization

Since it’s October 1st, I thought this may be a timely post. Not-so-coincidentally, I’m one of the authors in this issue. 🙂  (please forgive the shameless self-promotion) Virtualization: An Introduction to Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 The introduction of Hyper-V makes virtualization an even more compelling solution for IT environments. Get an overview of today’s virtualization market…


Windows Server 2008 / Longhorn – My Favorites

I had some training recently that got me excited about the upcoming release of the next-gen Windows Server platform, 2008 aka Longhorn. I thought you might like a no-marketing take on what I think are the most exciting new features and reasons to check it out. No, I don’t sell software (or anything else), I’m…


Know Thyself

Recently it has become apparent that perhaps the most overlooked aspect of a shop is its own staff’s capabilities. These are the aspects of an organization that are seemingly uncomfortable to discuss, but are arguably the most vital to our own success or failure. The overall capability of an IT shop becomes most apparent when it’s…


Microsoft Server Virtualization Resources

Here’s my obscenely vast list of resources that I actually do reference and send to customers on a very regular basis. Hopefully it’s at least catagorized in a reasonable enough manner to make it useful to you! Assessment / Downloads / Tools Microsoft Virtualization ROI Tool (calculate the total return on investment) Microsoft Hyper-Green Tool…


The Importance of IT Operations

Lest we forget the impact our operations have on our users, and in some cases, the world. More to come soon on this topic ….