Windows Searching Platform

Ways to use the indexer to make your app great

Build 2017 Code Samples

Hi everyone, thanks for watching our build talk and following the link to the code sample. Unfortunately there was a delay in getting the SDK updates out to insiders, so we are unable to release the sample at this time. As soon as the changes are released, we will update this page to point to… Read more

Change Tracking: More Betterness

In a couple previous posts on this blog we have covered how a UWP can track changes that are happening in a user’s library. Although there were notifications and some apps could enable the scenarios they are looking for, the code required was still complicated. We heard a lot of feedback from developers that it… Read more

Searching Private App Data in Windows 10

Up until this point I’ve walked through how you can use the indexer to search through public data on a device, but what if your data cannot be stored in a public location or isn’t resident on the device but you’d like local search. In this case the indexer provides two different methods to help… Read more

Accelerating File Operations with the Windows Indexer

The indexer is in MSDN magazine this November! I cover ways that you can improve the performance of the StorageFile/StorageFolder APIs using the indexer in UWP app as well as cover a few best practices that should be used with every app depending on the indexer. If you have any questions or topics you’d like… Read more

Change tracking Libraries in Universal Windows Apps

December 2016: This content is out of date for Windows Anniversary Update and later I’ve been working to make change tracking easier, and it shipped in the Windows Anniversary Update. There is an MSDN Magazine article and new blog post with all the details. I’m going to leave this post as a historical reference how… Read more

Using Neighbouring File Queries to Power your App

Neighbouring files queries (NFQ) were originally introduced in Windows 8 and we have extended them for the Universal Windows Platform. NFQs allow for users to maintain context on their files as they move between apps by allow apps to pass a list of related files along with a normal file activation.   What is an… Read more