Light up on Windows Vista: The "Top 10" List

PDC attendees got a “top 10” poster, but the details are now live on MSDN: “10 things you can do to make your application shine when it runs on Windows Vista.”  They are, in no particular order: 1. Follow the Windows Vista style guidelines2. Enrich the user experience3. Enable users to visualize, organize, and search4….


Internet Hearts: 112,000 Lines of Code

On Monday I asked for guesses on the size of the Internet Hearts source base, and the highest (public) one was 45,000 lines of code.  The answer: approximately 112,000 lines of code!  51,000 are client-specific, 35,000 are server-specific, and 26,000 are shared by both. Higher than you expected? Well, there’s a lot of functionality on…


Now available: Beta 1 RC of Avalon and Indigo

I’m happy to say that the Beta 1 RC of Avalon & Indigo is now available here.  This version is compatible with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2! As promised, I’ve updated my XAML playing cards sample here, and I’ve updated the two pages on XAMLshare as well.  I see that Valentin already updated his chess…


Migrating Internet Hearts to WinFX

Last year, Chris Sells wrote a series of articles in which he set out to rewrite Solitaire using Avalon.  The lack of scaling graphics in the Win32 version (and lack of access to its source code, I suppose) forced him down the road of rewriting the app from scratch.  Plus, the point was to explore “the…