XAML *Video* Playing Cards

On XAMLshare I just put the source for the video playing cards I showed in my PDC talk and on the Channel 9 video:    Put the XAML inside XAMLPad (Beta 1) and qualify the .wmv references with their full path.  Enjoy! Tags: PDC, PDC05


Announcing www.winfxhearts.com!

To correspond with my PDC talk about making an application “light up” on Windows Vista, I’ve created www.winfxhearts.com.  This site has a ClickOnce link that enables you can play a version of my new & improved Internet Hearts game.  Here’s a “before & after” look:     This is still the good ol’ Win32 application, but…


Back to Internet Hearts

Scoble and Ernie Booth stopped by my office today with their camcorder so I could talk about and demo Internet Hearts — now with the power of WPF! — for an upcoming Channel 9 video.  Look for it during the PDC timeframe.  I’ve been so busy preparing for the PDC that I’ve been slacking on blogging…


Migrating from VC6 to VC8: Resources

In order to update Internet Hearts with WinFX features, I’m going to leverage C++ Interop and recompile at least some of the source code with /clr so I can start using managed APIs.  Therefore, my first step was to get the source code (which hadn’t been touched in about 6 years) building with Visual C++…


PDC talk descriptions & the game of Hearts

Today Raymond talks about marketing tweaking PDC talk descriptions and some little-known history on Microsoft Hearts, both of which made me smile since I’m going to be doing a PDC talk primarily based on my Internet Hearts project.  Of course, Internet Hearts (which appeared in Windows XP) is a separate codebase from Hearts, and you get to play…


Internet Hearts: 112,000 Lines of Code

On Monday I asked for guesses on the size of the Internet Hearts source base, and the highest (public) one was 45,000 lines of code.  The answer: approximately 112,000 lines of code!  51,000 are client-specific, 35,000 are server-specific, and 26,000 are shared by both. Higher than you expected? Well, there’s a lot of functionality on…


Internet Hearts: Guess the LOC

TechEd made me gain about 5 pounds, and my bag somehow gained 20 pounds.  (And I didn’t get a single piece of swag from the Product Pavilion, I swear.)  But I’m back in Redmond after a 24-hour journey from Orlando to Seattle, due to delays at Chicago O’Hare.  I was intrigued that at the beginning…


Avalon Beta 1 RC Breaking Changes

Breaking changes are a fact of life when living on the bleeding edge of betas and CTPs, especially for technologies like Avalon and Indigo which haven’t officially shipped yet.  There have been lots of changes between the March CTP and Beta 1 RC, and there will be lots more to come.  Remembering the CLR/.NET Framework…


XAML Playing Cards

Looking at the card games that ship with Windows XP, I think one of the most obvious opportunities for improvement is the look & feel of the playing cards.  These games use a shared library known as cards.dll to draw cards that look like… um… this: Don’t those look so 20th century?  To prepare for migrating Internet…


Migrating Internet Hearts to WinFX

Last year, Chris Sells wrote a series of articles in which he set out to rewrite Solitaire using Avalon.  The lack of scaling graphics in the Win32 version (and lack of access to its source code, I suppose) forced him down the road of rewriting the app from scratch.  Plus, the point was to explore “the…