This just in: .NET and COM is coming back in print!

A few months ago I mentioned that my .NET and COM book went out of print.  Well, after getting regular streams of e-mail from people who still wanted to get a copy (which I forwarded on to the publisher), I can now happily say that they are planning to print more! I believe it’s going…


WPF Book Update (and SD West 2006)

Long time no blog, but I’ve got a good excuse.  Since my last post, I’ve become a father!  This event, of course, made me seriously doubt (even more than usual) the wisdom of writing another book. Here’s a quote from my wife: “You wrote a book during our first year of marriage.  You’re writing a…


Windows Vista: More little things in the December CTP

In August I mentioned some of the little improvements in Windows Vista Beta 1 that made using my computer more enjoyable.  Now that I’ve installed the December CTP (released yesterday), here are some screenshots of a few new things that instantly jump out at me: Finally!  A decent calendar and clock when you click the…


The passing of one book and the birth of another

It’s official… I got a letter informing me that .NET and COM, almost four years after its release, is out of print.  Of course, it still lives on in PDF form.  Like Luke, I’ve sometimes been baffled by the apparent lack of supply.  I’ve been told many times about someone that wanted to get a copy of…


WPF developer/designer cooperation in action!

Nate Dunlap is an awesome designer.  Check out what he did with the Windows Media Player Visualization project I posted last week.  Now, I’m guessing he has more programming skills than your average designer, but I love seeing a design go (essentially) straight from Sparkle to being live and animating inside Windows Media Player.

Using COM Interop to Create a WPF Visualization for Windows Media Player

It had been awhile since I’ve given a talk on COM Interop & PInvoke, but last week I did just that for a developer lab in Redmond.  For this, I dug up my old “.NET Visualization for Windows Media Player” example, which uses C#, COM Interop, and some APIs in System.Drawing (in other words, Windows Forms). …


XAML *Video* Playing Cards

On XAMLshare I just put the source for the video playing cards I showed in my PDC talk and on the Channel 9 video:    Put the XAML inside XAMLPad (Beta 1) and qualify the .wmv references with their full path.  Enjoy! Tags: PDC, PDC05


That mysterious "proprietary" blackout in the PDC keynote webcast…

…was a parody video with Napoleon Dynamite and Bill Gates.  It’s too bad it couldn’t be broadcast, because it was very funny!  But Joshua Trupin has a blurry photo of it on his blog.  Maybe there are more out there… Other highlights from Bill’s part of the keyone: Find out more about developing gadgets…


Light up with WPF: The Video

Now playing on Channel 9: This covers one item on that top 10 list.  And the focus is on an existing applications… taking advantage of your existing code rather than rewriting everything from scratch.  Enjoy! Tags: PDC, PDC05