My New Blog

You’re now officially looking at my old blog.  My new blog is at, or more simply,  Along with this switch is a switch in focus.  My new blog will mostly discuss Windows Phone 7 app development.  Enjoy!

Announcing "101 Windows Phone 7 Apps"

As I tweeted the other day, my new Windows Phone 7 book is now available for pre-order.  Here’s the first draft of the cover (with many app icons still needed to be filled in): The title could be a little confusing (and we might still tweak it), so let me be clear that this is…


WPF 4 Unleashed!

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog, but I just wanted to point out that WPF 4 Unleashed is now available! Maybe someday soon I’ll explain the differences between the two books it in more depth. 🙂