Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed is now available (sort of)

I'm going through the very last revisions, but in parallel the book has now appeared on Safari as a "Rough Cut."  What is a Rough Cut?  The almost-final chapters in "raw" unformatted HTML.  The pictures in the book should still show up, although they might appear in black & white unlike the full-color printed book.  On Safari, you can purchase immediate online access, or even a bundle that includes the printed book (when it is completely finished, of course).  I don't have online access myself, but I believe the chapters should start trickling in on Monday or Tuesday.

By the way, here is the final table of contents:

Part I          Fundamentals
1      Getting Started
2      XAML
Part II        Creating Static Content
3      Shapes, Lines, and Curves
4      Text
5      Brushes and Images
6      Positioning and Transforming Elements
Part III      Making Your Content Come to Life
7      Responding to Input Events
8      Downloading Content on Demand
9      Animation
10    Audio & Video

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  1. Kris says:

    I just started reading it on safari. So far I have bought all your books and am going to read this online. Wondering if you would cover Silverlight 1.1 in the book. For a lot of C# developers, I think coverage on 1.1 would be very useful. I know it is a little too early, but it would be well received.

  2. Adam Nathan says:

    1.1 is discussed in a few places (mostly sidebars). This book focuses on what you can accomplish purely with 1.0 & JavaScript… which is a lot!

    Kris, if you happen to have any feedback, don’t hesitate to email me during the next few days, when I still have time to make updates!



  3. Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed-The first book on Silverlight written by Adam Nathan has been released ( sort

  4. says:

    Just read: Silverlight Unleashed

  5. Maurizio says:

    When This book will be in Italian?

  6. Xavier says:

    Howdy Adam,

    I’ve just started reading your book today and couldn’t resist the temptation to take pages at random and peruse them here and there – it looks very promising and I can’t wait to apply what it’s gonna teach me 🙂

    One question already, though.

    My team uses a lot of .NET technologies and as Silverlight 1.1 will include some .NET support, I was wondering if you would consider writing an update for your book in time.

    I know you’d probably write a "Silverlight 1.1 Unleashed" anyway but for those who’ve already bought the current edition of your book like myself, a thin volume explaining to us how to enjoy the new Silverlight features without going back to some previously covered material would certainly be welcome, as there would be no need for us to buy a copy of the next edition for which the first 200 pages would be of little use for us, if you know what I mean – no offence 😉



  7. Sam Gentile says:

    Thank God for coffee…. Astoria/Orcas/Data Services The Astoria September 2007 CTP is now available

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