Yes, I’m on the Microsoft Popfly Team!

It's been an exciting year!  As John sums up, I joined him almost a year ago (when he was a team of one) and had a blast creating and constantly evolving a prototype of what is now Microsoft Popfly.  During 2006, we demoed it again and again to one executive after another.  Last fall, I got to demo it to Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie, then later even Steve Ballmer.  It was all pretty surreal.

We've grown into a decent-sized team and have been in hard-core execution mode all year.  And as of this morning, we are public!  We're still an invitation-only alpha, and we still have quite a bit of work ahead of us, but it's a major milestone nonetheless!  (Note that our team is also responsible for Visual Studio Express, but I don't have anything to do with that.)

To get a good sense of what Popfly is all about, check out the video recorded by Dan & Suzanne from our team.  It's all about having fun creating and sharing software.  But you can create some very useful things quite easily, too.  Here's a live example that is clearly in the fun category rather than useful:

This displays the beginning of the most recent comment on my blog's most recent post in ransom-note style (thanks to Flickr).  I created this by mashing a few blocks together, and only had to type three characters of code (and that was only to work around a bug... remember, we are an alpha!).  Add a comment to this post, and watch it update!  (You might have to wait awhile for your comment to appear and the RSS feed to update.)

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  2. Munish says:

    sounds cool. Lets see how it works with this comment

  3. tester says:

    abcd efgh ijkl mnop qrst uvwx yz12

  4. Marc says:

    Sadly, I only see an error.  (Oh yeah, it’s an alpha.)  :+)

    Sorry, your user profile is currently unavailable. Please try again later

  5. Aneesha says:

    Wow – that looks great. I look forward to the publich beta and using it in elearning apps.

  6. Chuck says:

    Congratulations on the release! Say hi to everybody on the team for me.

  7. Nice on Adam, Popfly looks brilliant, I’m waiting for the weekend so I can dig in deeper! So what’s your next book about then? 😉

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