Petzold strikes again!

(Or, rather, struck again last summer.)  I just found Jeff’s post about receiving a book from Petzold complete with witty comments.  I was also a lucky recipient of an autographed book, so I thought I’d share what Petzold had to say to me: Funny stuff!  (He’s referring to this discussion, in case you missed it.)  I…


Today’s ego boosts

PC World has just named Popfly one of the “25 Most Innovative Products of the Year” WPF Unleashed has just been nominated for a 2007 Jolt Product Excellence Award, which recognizes “the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products” Obviously I’m really pleased and grateful about both of these developments, as both of these products have been a…


Popfly public beta!

As Steve Ballmer announced this morning, Popfly (my day job) is now open to the public!  All you need is a Windows Live ID.  This morning I decided to use Popfly to show a noticeable trend in my books: Tip: Click MashOut -> Tweak this from the little overlay to experiment with customizing this little…


View and Edit Live Silverlight Examples

Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed is days away from shipping.  To celebrate, you can (1) pre-order your copy now and (2) check out examples from the book at You can not only view the HTML/XAML/JavaScript source and the resulting output, but you can edit all of it on-the-fly.  Here’s a screencast that demonstrates.


Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed is now available (sort of)

I’m going through the very last revisions, but in parallel the book has now appeared on Safari as a “Rough Cut.”  What is a Rough Cut?  The almost-final chapters in “raw” unformatted HTML.  The pictures in the book should still show up, although they might appear in black & white unlike the full-color printed book.  On…


Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed!

It’s now official and on Amazon!  As indicated by the (temporary) cover, it will be in full color, just like WPF Unleashed!  As always, take the release date with a grain of salt because I haven’t even written the whole book yet, but rest assured that it won’t be out until after Silverlight 1.0 is…


WPF Unleashed, with Yaks!

I got the following email this morning that astounded me.  I thought I’d share (with the author’s permission): Just dropping a line telling you I like your WPF Unleashed book a lot, and brought it to my recent trip to Tibet. I also took a picture of your book in the wild, and thought you…


A guessing game created with Popfly

The credit for this idea goes to Tim Rice, a superstar developer I have the pleasure of working with every day.  The game is simple: Try to guess which of the listed locations is pictured by selecting the choice in the dropdown. This was created by grabbing recent posts from Twitter, extracting the locations, plopping…


Yes, I’m on the Microsoft Popfly Team!

It’s been an exciting year!  As John sums up, I joined him almost a year ago (when he was a team of one) and had a blast creating and constantly evolving a prototype of what is now Microsoft Popfly.  During 2006, we demoed it again and again to one executive after another.  Last fall, I got…


Petzold vs. Nathan? Books Like PowerPoint Presentations? Books Like Blogs?

Last week a coworker brought this article by Jeff Atwood to my attention: Coding Horror: How Not To Write a Technical Book Of course, I’m flattered by what Jeff (and commenters) said, and I’m happy that he gave my book a chance (especially since he didn’t seem to be familiar with my .NET and COM book)….